A star projector for adults provides a relaxed, sometimes even romantic atmosphere in the evening when it is dark. Therefore it is a really great alternative to lava lamps or candles. It can also be used as a sleeping light for babies.

Since it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff here, I have created a list of the best with my personal top 5 star projectors for you and have written down my assessment of each device.

I will also explain to you what to look out for when making a purchase, what prices to expect and how to achieve an optimal atmosphere in your room.


Top 5 best Star Projector for Adults



1st Place: encalife Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector

The encalife Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector is one of the most expensive starry sky projectors on the market. In fact, it was by far the most expensive on my best list. Nevertheless, I put it in the first place.

The reasons are simple: Until now, no projection of a starry sky projector has pleased me as much as this model - even if not real stars, but rather galaxies are projected. In addition, there is the high quality of the projector and a simple but very comprehensive control via a smartphone app.

Therefore, I recommend the encalife Atmosphere for anyone who has the necessary budget and is looking for great mood light.


  • freely selectable colors for projection
  • rotation of the projection possible
  • easy control via app
  • high quality
  • bright, energy-saving LEDs used
  • brightness adjustable
  • modern, simple design
  • versatile usable
  • high quality, cleanly processed material
  • usable with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • quick setup


  • quite expensive
  • dubious discount promotions on the manufacturer’s website
  • App necessary for proper control

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2nd Place: encalife Ambience Galaxy & Star Projector

The encalife Ambience Galaxy & Star Projector is definitely one of the best star projectors on the market. However, I personally wouldn’t call it a starry sky projector. After all, the encalife Ambience doesn’t really project a starry sky. Instead, the device is a very good encalife Ambience Galaxy & Star Projector.

The Ambience convinced me mainly because of the ease of use, the quick setup, and the different modes. Only the rather high price is a major drawback. If this does not bother you, then the projector is definitely recommended!


  • wide range of colors for projection
  • easy control via remote control
  • high quality
  • bright, energy-saving LEDs used
  • brightness adjustable
  • versatile usable
  • high quality, cleanly processed material
  • quick setup
  • integrated Bluetooth speaker included
  • moving projection possible


  • quite expensive
  • dubious discount promotions on the manufacturer’s website
  • neither power supply nor batteries included
  • rotation motor quite loud

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3rd Place: SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector

The SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector is in my opinion the third best star projector for adults. This is mainly due to the numerous functions of this device.

Among other things, it has a Bluetooth speaker, a timer with four setting options can play 6 natural sounds, and Bluetooth music. Furthermore, the brightness can be adjusted, the laser can be switched on and off and the projection can be automatically rotated. In addition, the Aurora Projector can be controlled via remote control.

The negatives on the other hand are minimal. On the one hand, the bass of the speakers is quite weak. On the other hand, the volume for the natural sounds cannot be adjusted.


  • sleep timer with 4 settings
  • great projection with different colors
  • 6 natural sounds pre-installed
  • Brightness is adjustable
  • automatic rotation of the projection possible
  • including remote control
  • can play music via Bluetooth
  • fair price


  • bass of the speaker slightly weak
  • volume of the installed noises not adjustable

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4th Place: YSD Night Lighting Lamp

Although the YSD Night Lighting Lamp looks like a typical China product at first glance, I estimate it very positive. Why is that? It comes with a handy remote control, has great projections and has an integrated battery. So I could only criticize a little.

Irrespective of this evaluation, the device also has a reasonable price. It costs at Amazon no more than most similar devices. So it's in an affordable range.


  • cleaner processing of the material
  • modern design, many color variations
  • simple operation
  • inclusive remote control
  • long battery life of the integrated battery
  • good value for money
  • bright, power-saving LEDs used
  • many different colors of the projection
  • different current sources usable
  • rotation possible
  • usable in many ways


  • projection cannot be focused
  • none guarantee information
  • completely made of plastic

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LED Sternenhimmel Star Master



5th Place: ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp

The ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp landed in the fifth place on my best list. This is not just a pure night light, as the name suggests.

Rather, the device is a combination of a star projector for adults and a mulitcolor lamp. It can project stars in various colours, illuminate the room in colour, has a freely adjustable sleep timer and can be operated intuitively. In addition, the lamp is available in different color variants.

On the other side it should be mentioned that the projection is quite blurred and some customers report a low lifetime of the product. The light could also be a little brighter.


  • low price
  • combination of star projector & mulitcolor lamp
  • in different colors available
  • individually adjustable sleep timer
  • lighting in many colors
  • intuitive operation
  • different current sources can be used


  • blurry projection
  • low durability for many Amazon customers
  • light could be brighter

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LED Sternenhimmel Star Master



6th Place: BlissLights Sky Lite - Laser Projector

The BlissLights Sky Lite is not a typical star projector for adults. Rather, it is a laser that can flood rooms with stars.

This results in a pleasant spa amtosphere. But the light does not only serve for relaxation, but is also suitable for parties . The projection is quite bright due to the LED used.

The price of this device is a bit high compared to the other star projectors in this list, but not too expensive. Negatively, it should be noted that the laser represents only one color.


  • good quality
  • modern design
  • multi-purpose use – for relaxing and for parties
  • bright laser projection
  • simple operatability


  • only one color of the laser
  • bright light sometimes dazzles
  • remains with some Amazon customers not especially long

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LED Sternenhimmel Star Master



7th Place: Original Star Master Star Sky Projector

Although it is one of the cheap devices, the Star Master lands quite beaten on the 7th place in my list of the best star projectors. The quality seems to be too low, the material is quite thin and a good atmosphere doesn't arise due to the much too small projection.

Positive is the beautiful light change effect, which the manufacturer has built in.

Since you can't do much wrong with its very low price, I recommend you to try this starlight if you are looking for something for the small purse and do not have too great demands. Due to the extremely low price, this device is also my recommendation when it comes to value for money.


  • simple, but stylish design
  • creates great atmosphere
  • takes up little space
  • very low price


  • cheap processing
  • material does not look very high class
  • need to be placed close to ceiling
  • users often report defects
  • lid is loose / almost not fixed
  • fewer functions

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the composition of the starry sky projector rating?

The evaluation is composed exactly as in the home planetaria. There you can read exactly how to pay attention to what when buying.

For the most helpful reviews, I have examined each of these star projectors carefully. I noted the impressions I received as objectively as possible. In addition to my own tests, I also used information from customer reviews on the Internet in order to incorporate the long-term experience.

The basic structure of my evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • scope of delivery,
  • commissioning,
  • material quality,
  • volume,
  • functionality,
  • service / warranty,
  • extensibility.

How to use a star projector optimally?

Just like a home planetarium, the starry sky projector is best used in a dark room where only the television flickers. The darkness in combination with the light play of the projector creates a relaxed or, depending on the situation, even a romantic atmosphere. This is sometimes even much better than that of normal candles/teal lights.


Who is a star projector for adults suitable for?

Depending on the model, the devices are suitable for babies/toddlers to fall asleep or also for adolescents/adults to relax. On this page, you will find primarily the latter projectors. However, I have created a best-list for baby star projectors if you are looking for something for the youngest among us.


In which shapes can I buy a star projector ?

  • geometric figures (for example cylinders or pyramids)
  • animal forms such as elephants, beetles or similar
  • other/special shapes (see Starry Sky Projector Tests in the internet)


In addition to the different shapes, each device also has different functions, which means that the projectors differ from each other also in the area of use. I go into the function mode more exactly in the test reports, since a detailed explanation would become too long here.


Where to buy a star projector and how much does it cost?

Starry sky projectors can be bought primarily either on the Internet or in furniture stores. However, I would tend to order online at any time, as there is simply a much greater choice on the Internet, the purchase is quick and the prices are often lower than with an "offline purchase". The prices of most star projectors range from 20$ to 40$.


The following online shops offer star projectors:

    • amazon.com
    • ebay.com
    • bestbuy.com
    • walmart.com
    • target.com
    • gearbest.com


Conclosure - Best Star Projector for Adults 2022

A star projector is with a price between 20$ and 40$ a cheap replacement to other relaxation lights, like a lava lamp. It can create a calming or romantic atmosphere and can also be used as a sleeping light for babies. On this page I have introduced you to my favorite devices.

If you liked my highscore list and especially helped, then I would be very happy if you share it with your friends or people who are also looking for a star projector.

If you haven't found the right projector for an atmospheric starry sky yet, just drop by again in a while. I will always write new reviews.

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  1. Robert miller Reply

    My wife was at memory care facility, with Parkinson’s and demention. I bought her a ceiling projector because she would be put to bed facing one way, about mid nite they would change her position. My projector had one disc. That had rainbows , the sun, clouds etc. which she enjoyed very much. When put to bed she would roll her eyes looking for the colors on the ceiling, she enjoyed this so much, plus the music. I was so glad I could do this for her, it was just the best thing I could do!!! Bob Miller, mchenry, il.

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