A home planetarium for children is super suitablet, if the offspring are interested in space, constellations or astronomy and want to experience everything up close. For example, you can explain star images or show the movement of the celestial bodies.
However, the children are often a little bit brash, which is why not all devices are suitable for them. Therefore I present you here a really high-quality, cheap model for the smaller ones and give notes as well as tips, which is to be considered with the use.

Heimplanetarium Kind


My recommendation for children

KOSMOS 676810 Planetarium


Kosmos Planetariun

I can warmly recommend the home planetarium of Kosmos to you and your child, because it was developed extra for primary school children. In addition to the planetarium itself, a interactive CD-ROM for the computer, a rotatable star map and an informative booklet with valuable astronomy knowledge are included in the scope of delivery. The operability is just as good suitable for children, since there are only a few buttons. To be honest, however, I have to say that adjusting the sharpness is not easy, which is why either the edge or the center of the disc is often a little blurry.

All in all, the Planetariun of Kosmos is suitable as a gift for birthday, Christmas and Co. due to its comparatively low price. I can fully recommend it for smaller ones.


  • super to learning the constellations
  • easy for children to operate
  • especially for children more suitable
  • large scope of delivery
  • including extensive information material
  • good price-performance ratio
  • thanks to battery operation usable outdoor


  • projection often quite blurred
  • not available automatic rotation
  • no date display on the rotary knob for rotation

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Where should I buy a home planetarium for my child?

As with the purchase of "normal" planetariums, I recommend that you order the home planetarium for your child online. What's the matter with you? On the Internet, there is quite simply a much larger selection from different models,. At Amazon alone, there are different prices for one variant and you get much more information than directly in the shop, not to mention the simple return by mail.


What should I pay attention to when buying a planetarium for children?

Since it is a matter of buying something for a child, you should definitely make sure that the model is suitable for children or has children as a target group. So it is for example with Kosmos Planetarium, which I introduced above. For example, it contains a computer learning program and an informative booklet suitable for children, and the manufacturer itself describes its target group as "primary school age".

Suitable planetariums often also have a label by the manufacturer or are advertised directly as "children's planetariums". They should also be easy to use.



Can my child use a home planetarium alone?

There is no general answer to this question. It depends very much on the age of the child whether an adult should be present during use to avoid possible damage to the device and to ensure correct use. I recommend that you explain all functions in detail to your child at the beginning.

Also with regard to interesting facts like constellations and Co. you should act at the beginning as a kind of "astronomy teacher" so that the planetarium for your child is not only a toy, but an interactive object for learning and having fun.


Conclusion - Home Planetarium for Children

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