Chicco Rainbow Cube Review


  • Brand: Chicco
  • Size: ca. 9.84 inches x 7.87 inches x 8.27 inches
  • Weight: round 31.7 ounces
  • Colors: pink/white or blue/white
  • Power Source: 3 AA batteries
  • Age: from 0 months
  • including the possibility to play music for falling asleep



At first glance, the Chicco rainbow projector convinces with its nice cube design with an integrated plush figure. It is available in the two colors blue and pink, and therefore for girls and boys equally suitable.

But whether the projector can also be used in terms of functionality, safety, etc., or not, is not a question of the quality of the projector. Convince, I’ll show you in this review. For this, I bought the projector and examined it. I have also read countless customer reviews on the Internet.



Scope of delivery

The Chicco rain projector comes in a stylish package with a hinged front. In addition to the device, a detailed operating manual is also included in the scope of delivery.

What’s missing are the batteries. three AA batteries are required to operate the projector. You have to buy these separately. You also need a cross screwdriver to open the battery compartment.



For the commissioning of the device you only have to use the batteries. The compartment for this is located under the cover on which the fabric doll is mounted. To remove the cover, remove two small screws with a screwdriver.

After you have inserted the batteries and closed the compartment again, you can switch on the device. To do this, set the switch on one side of the projector to “I” and select the desired color.



The rainbow cube projects beautiful symbols – including stars, hearts, and clouds – onto the wall in seven different colors. One side can also be used as a simple night light. This results in a total of 96 different light projections.

The setting of the color can be easily done with a switch. This is located on one side of the rainbow projector. All you have to do is move it to change the color. Which symbols should be projected can be adjusted with a wheel located directly below the color switch.

Unfortunately, the individual images do not move during the projection. Also, sharpness could be better. From some distance to the wall, the symbols appear a bit blurred. Therefore a light change effect is possible. As soon as you activate it, the colors change automatically.

Furthermore, the rainbow cube plays classical music up to animal sounds. Unfortunately, the melodies merge a little bit fast, which is not optimally succeeded.
I also noticed that the music is very loud and not necessarily suitable for falling asleep. On the positive side, however, the sound quality is surprisingly good.

The volume cannot be changed, and the music sequence cannot be selected individually. If the rainbow lamp about 20 minutes is not operated, it automatically switches to sleep mode. So you don’t have to disturb the child again to turn off the projector.




Quality / Safety

Overall the rainbow projector is very robust and stable. So should it slip out of the child’s hand, that’s not a problem. As described above, the music is played much too loud and cannot be turned down. There is still room for improvement here. Nevertheless, the device is of very high quality.

Since the falling asleep light is mainly used for children, a certain safety is indispensable. The manufacturer has also considered everything in this regard. I couldn’t find any sharp edges, sharp corners, or small loose parts on the device. Besides, the battery compartment is securely closed with two screws. In my eyes, there is nothing to complain about here.


Already the appearance of the rainbow cube shows that this product was developed especially for small children. The cube-shaped light was designed in my eyes with much love: They used soft colors, the plush figure looks cute, and even the color selection of the light looks childish. In my eyes, there is hardly anything that can be done better in this respect.


Service / Warranty

In the scope of supply, a small note with the contact of the manufacturer was contained. He can be reached by telephone, fax, or e-mail. There is also a service hotline with costs. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you from my own experience how good the service is.

Besides, I could not find any information about a manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, in my opinion, one receives only the legally prescribed 14-day right of return for online purchases as a private individual.

Price Performance

The rainbow projector is in a very high price segment for such devices because it is imported from Germany. There are deductions from me with the quality of the music as well as the projection. Other products in the category usually do not have such good quality. The price-performance ratio could, therefore, be in my opinion, somewhat better. Nevertheless, I would rate it as “good”.



  • clean processing
  • in two different colors available
  • different motifs for the projection adjustable
  • eight different colors selectable
  • playback of music and sounds
  • individual combination of pictures, colors and music
  • Sleep mode after 20 minutes
  • easy for children to operate
  • no information about warranty


  • volume not adjustable (slightly too loud)
  • projection weak and blurred
  • not so cheap because of import


Conclusion – Chicco Rainbow Cube

If you are looking for a falling asleep light with as many different projections as possible, the rainbow projector from Chicco is suitable for you. At 25 dollars, it has a reasonable price. Even if the projection is somewhat weak, the cube convinces with its cute (and at the same time robust) design and the combination of different motifs and colors. I can definitely recommend him.

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Customer FAQ for Chicco Rainbow Cube


Do the light images turn?

A rotation of the projection is unfortunately not possible.

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