Gahaya 5.9″/15cm Moon Lamp


  • Diameter: 5.90 inches
  • Weight: approx. 10.2 ounces
  • Light source: LED
  • Control by Tap
  • created with 3D printing technology
  • including built-in battery
  • three different colors of the light


Many people are fascinated by the sight of the moon – so why not use the romantic moonlight as a night light or brighten up the room in the evening with soft lighting and be incredibly close to the impressive celestial body? The Gahaya moon lamp with innovative 3D printing makes this possible.



How does the 3D moon lamp work?

The original moon lamp is a semi-transparent sphere whose surface is based on the structure of the real moon. The light source is located inside the light ball. A built-in rechargeable battery can be charged via USB cable at the PC or with a suitable adapter at the socket. One battery charge is enough for about 4 hours of light.

The Moon Light ball lamp shines into the darkness of the night with particularly atmospheric light and looks almost as beautiful as the real moon in the night sky due to the replicated structured moon landscape. Thanks to the impressive 3D surface structuring, the moonlight shines brighter in some places and darker in others, reminiscent of the typical lunar craters and mounds.

The color changer of the lamp can call up different light colors. By tapping or knocking on the moon lamp (Touch Control Technology) slightly more strongly, you can choose between the light colors

  • Warm white
  • Cold White
  • yellow

and the brightness of the lamp can be dimmed.


How to use the Gahaya 3D Moon Lamp?

The glowing full moon will probably inspire everyone who likes a home planetarium or a star projector – regardless of age. After all, the Trabant of the Earth, with its moonlight, exercises its magic on children and adults. The handy luminaire in the shape of a plastic ball brings the moon within reach in the living room, bedroom, and children’s room.

It is a great gift idea for all hobby astronomers, infants, older children, and for adults who love atmospheric light and special accents. Of course, the 3D moon lamp is perfectly suitable as a night light in the children’s room. Charged during the day, the moonlight at night provides discreet lighting that helps children fall asleep and watches over their sleep. Also, the moonlight lamp can easily be taken along as a light source when the child has to go to the toilet at night or taps through the dark hallway to slip under mum and dad’s blanket at night.


Since the Moon Light lamp can be used independently of a power source when the battery is charged, it can be taken anywhere. Thanks to its small size, it fits easily into your luggage and can also be used as a slumber light in a hotel, for example.


Accessories for the mood lamp

The moon-like lamp is delivered with a suitable USB cable (unfortunately not the suitable socket adapter) as well as an instruction manual and a wooden stand. The wooden frame must be put together after receipt of the lamp with few handles. Then the moon lamp is placed on the wooden frame, does not roll away and makes as a decorative element a great impression in any living room.


Impressions of the Gahaya 5.9″/15cm Moon Lamp

The ball lamp is made of a light, but quite hard plastic, so that the lamp should not break even in the event of a fall. With a diameter of 15 centimeters (5.9 inches), the light is relatively small, but this is precisely why the full moon lamp is so versatile.

During the day, the moon seems rather inconspicuous and reminds of an unspectacular plastic ball. But as soon as it gets dark and the 3D moon lamp is switched on, the moon lamp enchants with its atmospheric moonlight. People who like to observe the moon will be able to observe the beautiful and magical sight of the moon independent of moon phase and weather and be drawn into the spell of the gently shimmering moonlight.

The decorative Gahaya Moon Lamp rightly belongs to the Amazon bestsellers. Amazon customers very often rate the 3D moon lamp with 5 stars and praise both the high-quality workmanship, as well as the beautiful atmospheric light and the 3 different light colors, which are freely selectable. The manufacturer specifies an average life of 10 years for the lamp.



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