For babies there are so-called star projectors, which "throw" stars at the ceiling. They can therefore be used as soothing sleeping light for infants.

Some of them I'll show you on this page. I'll also tell you where to buy them, what they cost and up to which age they are suitable. Also I have compiled a list with the best star projectors for babys for you.

Baby Heimplanetarium

The best Star Projectors for Babies


1st Place Place: Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic

The Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic is for me the best star projector for babies. Over 3,300 customer reviews on Amazon with predominantly very good ratings confirm this view. The night light is operated with three AAA batteries and is available in three versions.

It convinced me because it looks cute, can project stars in different colors and has a good price. Also, it is nice to look at during projection because it also glows.

According to Amazon's description, the projector is unfortunately only suitable for children from the age of two. However, most customers report that it can also be used on younger children.

The only disadvantage of the Twilight Turtle is that it looks soft but is quite hard. It is therefore rather unsuitable for cuddling babies and children.


  • common look
  • good price
  • beautiful, different colored projections
  • operated by AAA batteries
  • automatic timer to switch off after 45 minutes
  • in three colours available


  • not really suitable for cuddling

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ANSMANN Sternenlicht Elefant LED


2nd Place: SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother

The second best baby star projector in my opinion is the SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother. It convinces with a cute design and a great star projection in different colors.

In addition, the night light can play 10 different songs, for example "Bach's Minuet" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". It also has a function that automatically turns off the projector after 30 minutes.

A minor disadvantage of this device is the price. It is by no means expensive, but costs more than most competitors. Furthermore the played music is somewhat quiet.


  • sweet design
  • can play ten different songs
  • automatic sleep timer
  • projects stars in multiple colors
  • simple Operation
  • high safety also for small children


  • somewhat more expensive than most competitors
  • Music a little too quiet

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ANSMANN Sternenlicht Elefant LED


3rd Place: Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise

Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise is also a very good sleep aid night light. It consists of a cuddly toy in the form of an owl and a star projector. In this way it can be used as a toy and as a night light.

The light can not only project stars, but also play 10 different children's songs. The price is in midfield, which is really good for the performance.

Unfortunately, some Amazon customers report that the automatic shutdown does not work reliably after 30 minutes. Also the sound quality could be better.


  • star projection very respectable
  • can 10 children songs can play
  • acceptable price
  • automatic switch-off after 30 minutes possible
  • suitable for cuddling


  • sound quality could be better
  • sleep timer works sometimes not correct

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reer 52050 MyMagicStarlight Einschlaflicht



4th Place: reer MyMagicStarlight

On the 4th place in my test, the reer MyMagicStarlight has landed in the first place, because it convinces above all by its abundance of features.

So it can not only be used as a sleep light, but also shows the current temperature, offers the possibility to play songs from a mobile phone or MP3 player and could light up continuously for 100 hours without being connected to the power supply.

The price is in a more than acceptable range. Unfortunately you have to pay quite high import fees. A unlimited purchase recommendation on my part still exists due to the many functions. The competition cannot keep up in this respect.


  • three-stage timer (15, 30 or 60 minutes)
  • Possibility to play your own music via MP3 player or mobile phone
  • temperature display
  • soothing projection with colour change function
  • simple, self-explanatory operability
  • many colour variations of the projection
  • pleasant falling asleep music & nature sounds
  • stepless volume control


  • no exact details about the guarantee length & handling exclusively by the seller
  • doesn’t really look “childish.”
  • only recommended for children 36 months and older
  • high import fees

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ANSMANN Sternenlicht Elefant LED


5th Place: Lumitusi Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round Projector

Compared to other star projectors, the Lumitusi Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round Projector is probably one of the best when it comes to price. Nonetheless, the projector can convince with a great projection and a long life of the batteries used.

For the low price, of course, you also have to cut back. So the material does not make the best impression. Likewise, many customers report a short service life and a too small projection area.


  • many various projections
  • very low price
  • long battery life
  • simple operatability
  • easy to clean


  • effects not too high quality
  • too small projection area
  • partially low service life

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Chicco Sternenhimmelprojektor


6th Place: Chicco Baby Night Light Projector

The Chicco Starry Sky Projector is the sixth place in the test and is therefore immediately behind my test winner. This projector is available in various colors. You can buy it either in light blue for boys or in pink for girls.

The functions are rather simple: One button for the light and one for starting the integrated music are the only controls.

This simplicity is a small point of criticism for us, because for example you can't turn the music up or down and you just have to turn it on or off.

A small soft toy is included as an extra. In addition, the Chicco starry sky projector could convince me with a nice design, a very low price and a high quality.


  • sweet plush figure included with the device
  • color selection at purchase possible
  • switches off after 10 minutes automatically
  • many colour variants of light
  • also can be used for mood lighting
  • battery compartment securely closed with one screw
  • relaxing, classical music and nature sounds


  • played music/sounds not necessarily suitable for sleep because of volume
  • stars shown not so sharp
  • no information about warranty

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ANSMANN Sternenlicht Elefant LED


7th Place: ANSMANN Night Light Elephant

Place 7 and last among the star projectors for babies is the ANSMANN starlight in elephant form. Despite or even because of its unusual shape it could convince with the help of really many positive characteristics: the wonderful starry sky in the colors yellow, green, blue, the function for playing slumber songs and the high safety factor by the use of security tested materials are only few of them.

Nevertheless it has only landed on the last place, because it simply has less functions or was delivered with less accessories than the competition. Besides, the quality of the music is very bad in my opinion.


  • common, suitable for children appearance
  • automatic color change of the light between three colors possible
  • integrated, separately activatable music function
  • three different light colors: orange, green, blue
  • power-saving LED luminaires
  • few, self-explanatory buttons enable easy operation


  • very bad sound quality
  • sharpness of projection unfortunately not adjustable
  • fewer functions than the competition

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Buyer's Guide

When selecting a star projector for babies, you should first pay attention to which functions the device has. The best thing to do is to make a list of the features you want and cut them off when a selected project fulfills them.

Second, you should read customer reviews on the Internet. Here you will usually learn something about the life of the product, the quality and the support of the manufacturer or seller.

Even if the reviews look positive, you should pay attention to the appearance. Children like, for example, when a night light looks like an animal. The projector should also match the children's room.

Finally, you should consider the price. You don't have to spend a lot necessarily, but you shouldn't pay as little money as possible for the baby star projector either. Price is often an indicator of quality. Accordingly, you shouldn't underpay.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why are starlights good for babies?

The projection of small lights onto the ceiling in combination with the often integrated relaxation music is intended to ensure that the small children fall asleep better. Some babies can't stand complete darkness in the room. The lights can help against that. In addition, the small ones can also be more or less entertained by the play of light.

For discovery and experimentation there are home planetariums for children and for adults the normal home planetarium.


Pros and cons of Star Projectors


  • helps many babies fall asleep
  • can also be used well by children, adolescents and adults
  • often quite cheap
  • can also be used on the road for battery operation
  • multiple functions (e.g. alarm clock or music function)
  • look usually cute


  • material quality could often be better
  • always need current
  • poor models rather disturbing when falling asleep


What kind of star projectors are there?

A star projector can be purchased in many different shapes with many different functions. In the following I list the most important species for you.


By shape:

  • ballshaped
  • cylinder shape
  • animal form (e.g. elephant, mouse, turtle, beetle, giraffe, etc.)

By functions:

  • swivelling/rotating projector
  • with integrated alarm clock
  • possibility to play music
  • possible to use as a bedside lamp



A star projector can embody several types at the same time and does not necessarily have to be tailored to one type only. Some models from my star projector test for example have all of the above functions.


Where to buy a star projector for your baby?

Such projectors for babies and toddlers are available in almost every good baby shop. Nevertheless, I would always buy a star projector online, because you simply have a huge selection on the net, the exchange is quick and you can also find the opinions of other parents with the respective model.


How much should I spend on such a starlight?

So that you don't pay too much, but also don't buy a cheap product that breaks down after a few weeks, you should pay around 20$ to 40$. For this reason I have presented models from this price range on this page.


Here you can buy the star projectors for babies on the internet:



For which age groups are star projectors still suitable?

Except for the smallest among us there are also very nice relaxation lights for adults. These also cost around 20 euros and can be used to create a soothing or even romantic atmosphere in the room. I have therefore tested some of them on this page:

Here you go to star projectors for adults.


Where can I use a star projector?

Even if every device needs electricity, this does not necessarily mean that a star projector can only be used at home. Finally, many models are powered by a rechargeable battery or batteries.

This is how to use a projector

  • in the nursery,
  • in the living room,
  • in the parents’ bedroom,
  • in the tent or
  • in the garden shed

is possible.


Conclosure - Best Baby Star Projector 2022 & Buyer’s Guide

A star projector for your own baby is a great purchase if the child has problems falling asleep in complete darkness and/or silence in the nursery. For a price of around 30$ you can often not do wrong, especially if you buy online.

In my star projector test I have presented you my three favorites to give you an overview of the individual models.

If you want me to test a particular device and add it to the list, please let me know! You will find the e-mail address in the legal notice.

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