Omegon Universe2go Planetarium Review


  • Brand: Omegon
  • Weight: about 14.1 ounces
  • Color: black
  • mobile phone with iOS 8.0 or higher or Android 4.2 or higher required
  • according to manufacturer suitable for children from 8 years



Augmented Reality has already reached various areas of life, with the Universe2go now also astronomy. In this review I will introduce you to the Omegon Planetarium, discuss its advantages and disadvantages, and give you a conclusion.

To deliver as authentic results as possible, I examined the device very carefully. For the test, I was provided with a device from Omegon. However, this did not affect my assessment.


Scope of delivery

The Universe2go comes in a stylish, compact box. Besides the glasses strap, a soft bag and a multilingual manual are included. All you need is your own smartphone and the Omegon app to dive into the planetarium. It should also be noted that delivery as a gift in a special packaging is possible.


To use the Universe2go Planetarium, you first have to download and install the applet with the same name from the App-Store or the Google Play Store on your smartphone. Since the application with 400 Megabyte is quite extensive, I would recommend downloading exclusively via W-LAN.

During the download, you can mount the strap on the glasses. With these, the Universe2go can simply wear around the neck. After you have downloaded and started the app, you have to put the mobile phone with the appropriate foam rubber under the flap in the glasses. After the adjustment of the sensors and the compass, the use can start.



After commissioning, you can use yourself with a huge range of functions. The control is performed via the head movement of the user. In the beginning, this did not always work one hundred percent accurately but has since been significantly improved.

Already after a short familiarization period, you can use the full range of functions simply. Even children should be able to control the app without any problems. However, you should be able to read if you want to use the Universe2go optimally.

In the application, you can choose between many different modes. To list and explain all these here would go beyond the scope of the test report. For this reason, I would like to mention the starter mode and the discoverer mode as examples. In the former, you get basic information about planets, the earth-moon, and different star images. In the explorer mode, these data are extended by detailed information to stars, etc.

Furthermore, it contains worth knowing information in the form of over three hours of audio material. Knowledge about stars, planets, star images, etc. is conveyed easily understandable by a very pleasant voice. I particularly liked this function. In total, the audio tracks include all constellations, the planets of our solar system, 120 deep sky satellites, mythology, and 30 of the brightest stars.

In comparison, the app can represent a large number of other celestial objects. To be exact, the complete Hipparcos catalogue with about 120,000 stars, the Messier objects, the complete NGC catalogue, comets, satellites, planets, and 150 Depp Sky objects are included.



The quality of this product is also very good. The glasses were made of really robust plastic, which was processed very cleanly. It also survives falls, should it fall out of your hand, normally without major damage. Also, the weight is very low due to the material. Even though plastic doesn’t look too high at first glance, the Universe2go was able to convince in this respect.


Service / Warranty

In my experience, Omegon offers a very good service for the product. You can reach the manufacturer by e-mail, fax, and phone. This usually provides helpful answers.

Unfortunately, I could not find any information about a warranty, which I find somewhat unfortunate. In return, you receive a 14-day right of return for online order. Furthermore, there are no shipping costs for the delivery of the Universe2go.

Price Performance

Unfortunately, the price is right high for getting a mobile app and plastic glasses. Nevertheless, I estimate the price-performance as “Good”. Finally, there are no comparable devices on the market. Besides, one pays not only for the materials but also for the complex design of the device and the constant innovation by the manufacturer.



  • easy to understand user manual
  • space-saving packed
  • easy to operate
  • relative robust plastic
  • very clean processed
  • large scope of functions
  • with most smartphones compatible
  • continuous further development of the app
  • uncountable celestial bodies contained


  • right high price
  • app needs a lot memory
  • only for Android and iOS


Conclosure – Omegon Universe2go Planetarium

My test showed that the Universe2go is especially suitable for hobby astronomers. It helps to acquire knowledge about the starry sky and to shift nightly observations of the stars into one’s own four walls.

In my eyes, the purchase of the Universe2go Planetariums is worth it. Even if the price seems a bit high at first glance, this device is really worth every cent. The reasons for this are quickly found: The material is high quality and was cleanly processed. Besides, the app has a huge range of functions, which is continuously further developed.

I can therefore fully recommend the Universe2go.

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Customer FAQ about the Omegon Universe2go Planetarium


What are the maximum dimensions of the smartphone?

The maximum size is 147 mm x 74 mm x 11 mm (L x W x H).


What sensors should the phone have?

To use the Universe2go app, a GPS, gyro, and acceleration sensor as well as a compass are required.

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