KOSMOS 676810 Planetarium Review


  • Brand: Kosmos
  • Size: 9 inches x 8.66 inches x 7.09 inches
  • Color: white /black / grey
  • Weight: approx. 24.34 ounces
  • Power source: 4 AA batteries
  • Recommended age: 8 to 14 years (according to manufacturer)
  • Target group: primary school children



Home planetaria are particularly suitable for children of primary school age for exploring space. Therefore, the manufacturer KOSMOS has developed a special planetarium for primary school children, which I will introduce to you here in this test report in detail.

For this, I got a test object from the manufacturer. I want to mention this in advance, even if it did not influence my objective assessment. In the following, I will deal with the scope of delivery as well as the commissioning. Furthermore, you will find a list of pros and contras of the device, an evaluation of the functionality, and a concluding conclusion as to whether a purchase is worthwhile.



Scope of delivery

The home planetarium is supplied in a compact cardboard box. This includes the planetarium projector, two exchangeable star maps, the simulation program CyberSky on CD, a cap for the projection lens, a rotatable star map, and instructions.

I could already see from the scope of delivery that this device is especially aimed at children who want to learn something about outer space. Both the star map and the instructions are sprinkled with a lot of astronomy knowledge. Also, the starry sky can be discovered playfully with the simulation program on the computer.



For commissioning four AA batteries and a cross or slotted screwdriver are required. Both are not included and must be purchased separately. You should remember this if you want to use the device immediately after receiving it.

The commissioning itself is straightforward. First, you have to insert the four AA batteries into the compartment on the underside of the room planetarium. Then you have to insert one of the two star discs, start the device, remove the protective cap from the lens, and adjust the sharpness – you can already admire the starry sky at home.



Using the two included discs, you can represent the starry sky in two ways. On the one hand, it can be projected with and, on the other hand, without constellations. To get the best possible picture, you can adjust the sharpness of the projection using a rotating bezel.

I noticed negatively that there is no automatic rotation and the light source looks quite weak. That’s why the starry sky always seems a little blurred. For this, a manual rotation via the rotary wheel on the front is possible. It’s just a shame that no date is displayed on the rotary wheel. So one cannot adjust the starry sky exactly to a certain day.

An advantage, which was revealed to me due to the small number of functions, is the fact that the operation correspondingly simple also fails. Thus the Kosmos home planetarium is best suitable for children. Besides, the starry sky can be examined with the included star map.



Even if the functionality is not too excellent, the quality could compensate for this deficit. The KOSMOS 676810 Home Planetarium makes a quite stable impression, does not break quickly even when used by smaller children, and has pleasant handling due to its rather small size.

Price Performance

With a mid-range price, the Kosmos 676810 is one of the cheapest home planetariums to be found far and wide on the net. However, this star projector is not a typical cheap product. Instead, a lot of accessories are included in the delivery. Besides, it has a manageable functionality so that it is well suited for children. Accordingly, I rate the price-performance ratio as very good. The only negative thing about the price is the expensive shipping.



  • good to learning the constellations
  • easy for children to operate
  • especially for children more suitable
  • large scope of delivery
  • including extensive information material
  • super price-performance ratio
  • thanks to battery operation usable on the road


  • projection often quite blurred
  • not available automatic rotation
  • no date display on the rotary knob for rotation


Conclosure – KOSMOS Heimplanetarium 676810

If you are looking for a home planetarium for your child, then I can recommend the KOSMOS 676810 in any case. Designed especially for primary school students, this star projector brings a lot of research material with it.

Below it is, for example, an instruction full of astronomy knowledge, a simulation program for the PC, and a rotatable star map. Also, the price is very low compared to “normal” home planetariums. For this reason, this specimen is also very suitable as a gift for a birthday or Christmas.

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Customer FAQ about the KOSMOS home planetarium


Are planets projected?

No, the planetarium can only display the starry sky with the discs supplied.


Can the home planetarium be operated with a power supply?

The device can only be operated with four AA batteries. The use of a power supply unit is not possible.

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