Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Review


  • Brand: Cloud b
  • Size: 12 inches x 8 inches x 3.9 inches
  • Weight:1 pounds
  • Lighting: multi-colored LED lights
  • Lighting color variants: green, soothing blue, amber
  • powered by 3 AA batteries
  • with auto-off timer
  • Projects 8 constellations



If you’ve been trying (and failing) in trying to ease your kids to be more comfortable in the dark, then this plush toy may just be what you need. It’s reasonably-priced, projects stars, and comes in such a cute package.

Out of all the night lights in the market, I’ve ranked the Twilight Turtle as the first in my list of best baby star projectors. Curious to know what its merits are and why over 3,000 customers on Amazon have given it such good ratings? Let’s take a close look at the device in the next sections.


Scope of delivery

They say that most good things come in unexpectedly small packages, and Cloud b’s Twilight Turtle is no exception. The scope of the delivery includes the device itself and 3 AA batteries to power it.

Aside from these, the device is accompanied by a straightforward star guide, complete with drawings. A fun Twilight Turtle Storybook is also provided, an extra touch that I find absolutely engaging.



To turn on the device, you need to insert the battery inside first. Three AA batteries, in this case, is required. Locate the compartment on the underside of the plush toy and insert the batteries. The manufacturer provides no power alternative, so you will need to replace your batteries as needed. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t drain the batteries too quickly. I started testing the product a few months prior, and I have yet to replace the batteries – the product still lights up as it should.



Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic promises good sleep not just for your kids, but you as well. Once you’ve powered it on by plugging the batteries, you can turn it on by pushing the leftmost button at the rear of the turtle.

As I’ve listed in the Twilight Turtle’s “features” section, the night light comes in three colors. To navigate among these three colors, you need to press their corresponding colors on the shell of the turtle. To the right of the On/Off button is the button for amber, blue, and green.

To cycle between these colors, you have to press the On/Off button twice. To turn the device off during the said cycle, press the same button three times. You and your kid will have 45 minutes to enjoy the light as well as the projection of 8 constellations that it provides. Just press the On/Off button again after your 45 minutes is up to restart it.

For best projection quality, place the device about 5 to 6 feet from the ceiling.


Quality and Safety

While it may look like a plush toy, the turtle does have a hard shell. I have yet to examine the durability of the plastic when it falls from a high surface, but careful owners need not worry about this. There have been some reviewers that say that they have owned the device in years, so it might be safe to assume that it is a durable toy.

What’s also impressive is the battery life in this toy. I’ve been using it for over 3 months now, and the light has yet to fail me. The manual does warn you that the indication of weak batteries will be the blinking of the LED lights.


Service / Support

The Twilight Turtle Night Light Star Projector covers the legally specified 14-day right of return imposed by Amazon. Aside from this, no other warranty details are expressly included in the packaging nor the seller’s Amazon page. You can, however, get in contact with them through their Amazon page. Unfortunately, I have yet to get in contact with them, so I may not be the best authority in the matter of getting in touch with them.


Price Performance

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic is ranked number 1 in my list of best baby star projector reviews. It exhibits promising and lasting use in terms of quality and batter life. Not to mention, it’s sold at a reasonable price too. For its performance and price, I’d say that it has a very good price-performance ratio. I can see myself enjoying this product for the years to come – and I can imagine that you would too.



  • common look
  • good price
  • beautiful, different colored projections
  • operated by AAA batteries
  • automatic timer to switch off after 45 minutes
  • in three colours available


  • not really suitable for cuddling


Conclosure – Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic

To be honest, I picked up this star projector because of one simple reason: it’s absolutely adorable. What I did not bank on, however, was for it to exceed my expectations. In terms of quality, performance, and overall look, the Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic is truly the best in its category.

The stars that it projects – albeit limited in number – are clear and sharp. The battery life of the device is impressive. So far, it has yet to demand batteries replacement despite the number of months that I’ve been using it.

I find the automatic 45-minute power off option to be useful, and I would imagine that most parents would agree on this sentiment too.

It’s not a plush toy for cuddling, though, because of the hard shell on the turtle. Still, aside from this, I recommend this to all my readers out there.

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