Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise Review


  • Brand: Bubzi Co Store
  • Size:6 inches x 7.2 inches x 5.2 inches
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • battery-operated
  • plays mama’s heartbeat, 10 relaxing lullabies, and bird song
  • used as a nightlight, a plush toy, a music player
  • complete with adjustable volume settings



At first glance, it looks a lot like any other plush toy that you would find in a kid’s nursery. However, the Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise is more than just an adorable toy. It functions as a night light as well as a white noise machine too.

Why is this device top 3 in my list of “7 best baby star projector”? Allow me to drill down into the nitty and gritty in my review about this below.


Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery for Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise One includes one soft plush owl. This comes complete with a removable battery pack/music light fixture that is made of plastic. 3 AA batteries, as well as a small screwdriver, are also packed inside the box.

The device is securely placed inside the box, with all of its corners snug inside the box. Based on my experience, the delivery came through without any hitch; and the device without any damages.



After I’ve unboxed my device and have examined all of the parts, I was so giddy to start it up. The plush toy looks adorable enough as a plush toy, and I was excited to see how it can light up and play music. So, with the help of the small screwdriver that the manufacturer provided, I went to work.

To start it up, you will need to insert the three AA batteries into its compartment at the back of the owl. Of course, you will need to put everything securely into place by closing it back up.



The Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise is generally equipped with 3 functions. First, it works great as a standalone plush toy. Second, you can use it as a night light to ease your baby into a deep and restful slumber. Third, it plays soothing white noise too that can play up to 10 lullabies, a mother’s heartbeat, and even mimic the songs of birds.

To turn on the light so it will project stars into your wall, all you have to do is to press the light bulb button. This works as the On/Off button for the device. To soothe your baby further, you can turn on the device by pressing on the button for 3 seconds or more. This will play different songs on a loop. The music will play for thirty minutes. After this, the auto-off function will be triggered.

You can also turn off the lights while still allowing the music to play on. The device can be set into 5 different volume settings.

You are wondering where to put up the device for your baby’s comfort? You can also hang it up on the top of the crib and secure it with the strap that the plush toy is equipped with.




Quality and Safety

Cuddly and easy-to-wash, the Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise truly deserves its spot on my list of “best baby star projector.”

Some have reported that the light in the projector is a bit too bright, while others claim that it doesn’t illuminate much. As for me, I feel that the lights accomplish just the right ambient environment that is perfect for soothing babies and toddlers. The music can be turned up or down in five volume settings too – a luxury that not a lot of baby night light projectors offer.

As for being baby-safe, I feel that the battery compartment is secure enough. Kids cannot easily access it without using a screwdriver after all.



There’s one word that can encompass the Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise design: adorable. It is basically a plush toy that is equipped with extra features – a great bargain if you ask me. The baby can cuddle it, plus when the need arises, you can turn it on as a night light and a white noise machine as well.

The images that it projects (stars, in this case) are straightforward while still being interesting enough to capture the interest of your children. The light, in the case of my device, is soft and not too bright.


Service / Support

Aside from big smiles and cozy snuggles, how else can you make sure to get your money’s worth from Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise? While there are no specifics included in the box, you may contact the seller or the manufacturer to learn more about the warranty details. You can send them a message directly through their Amazon page. However, seeing as I’ve had no issues with the device that has been sent to me, I don’t really have any experience in their customer service.

One thing I am sure of, however, is the legally stipulated 14-day return validity of your purchase.


Price Performance

So, do I think that the performance of the device more than justifies its price? Well, considering that Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise is sold at a reasonable price, I want to say that it is worth it. It offers quality soothing sound and light that is encompassed in a cute little owl package. What more can you ask for?

This star projector is one of the best options in its price range. Therefore, its price-performance ratio is actually pretty good, in my opinion.



  • star projection very respectable
  • can 10 children songs can play
  • acceptable price
  • automatic switch-off after 30 minutes possible
  • suitable for cuddling


  • sound quality could be better
  • sleep timer works sometimes not correct


Conclosure – Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise

The Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise gets third place in my “best baby star projector” list, and I stand by this verdict. It’s huggable and washable – and can perform various soothing noises for kids too. It’s not just cuddly, but it also is a worthwhile investment because of its functions.

The variety in the volume settings may not be as noticeable (despite having 5 different settings), but aside from this, the device works perfectly well. It can be a perfect gift for a baby shower or a toy that you can give to your kids.

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