reer MyMagicStarlight Review


  • Brand: reer
  • Size: 5.91 inches x 5.51 inches x 5.51 inches
  • Weight: approx. 16.2 ounces
  • Colours: Silver / White
  • colour change function, e.g. with red, blue and green light
  • including music function, room temperature display, clock, timer, and audio input
  • battery operated by 3 AA batteries
  • 5 V mains cable can also be used as a power source
  • approx. 100 hours light duration with full batteries
  • recommended age: from 36 months



The reer MyMagicStarlight has got one of the best ratings on the best list. Even if it doesn’t look really suitable for children, it could convince me completely.

I’ll show you how it did it in this test report. Besides, I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of nightlight. For this purpose, I analyzed the device thoroughly and put it through its paces.



Scope of delivery

The carton containing the reer MyMagicStarlight looks very compact. Nevertheless, in addition to the device, there is also an AUX cable, three AA batteries, and a user manual in several languages included.

So everything you need to use the star projector is included in the scope of delivery. For commissioning you should only have a small cross screwdriver at hand.



The commissioning procedure is the same as for most star projectors for babies. On the underside there is a battery compartment which can be closed with a small screw.

To use the night light, open the compartment, insert three AA batteries, and close the compartment again. Alternatively, a 5 V power supply unit can be connected to the rear for the power supply. But you have to buy it yourself.



In my opinion, the reer MyMagicStarlight is far ahead of its competitors in terms of functionality.

On the one hand, the projector has very great sound effects. There are ten lullabies, including classics such as “Good evening, good night” or “Brother Jakob”. You can also play five natural sounds (including the sound of the sea, chirping crickets, heartbeat).

A big advantage compared to the competition is that the volume can be controlled. This is even possible steplessly. Especially since your own music can be played via an audio input. That worked for me without any problems.

On the other hand, the star projector offers great light effects with color change function. The change takes place with soft transitions over the entire color spectrum. Accordingly, the reer MyMagicStarlight can glow red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, turquoise, light blue, dark blue, purple, and pink.

If you want to have a color selected permanently, you can do this by clicking the “LOCK” button on the back. The projection is either in one or two colors.

Also, a timer with three levels can be used to set whether the lighting and the music should stop after 15, 30, or 60 minutes. On the display of the starry sky projector, you can see the room temperature as well as the time. In my experience, this works very reliably.

The time must be set manually. The LCD display is large and easy to recognize. It can also be illuminated in the dark.


Quality and Safety

Concerning the quality, I could not find any shortcomings myself. The material makes a good impression, the workmanship is great, and the light offers sufficient brightness. Likewise, all buttons were easy to push and did exactly what they were supposed to.

Some buyers on the Internet report that their device only lasted a few days, which does not necessarily speak for the quality of the reer MyMagicStarlight. However, I cannot share these experiences.

It is also important to ensure adequate safety when children use the device. According to the manufacturer, the device is suitable for children over 36 months. In my opinion, this only has something to do with the operation, but nothing to do with safety.

In my opinion, the MyMagicStarlight is also suitable for smaller children in terms of safety. I couldn’t find any sharp edges. The outside of the device is completely made of plastic, and an LED lamp is used. Thus there is no heat development inside. Besides, the battery compartment is closed childproof with a screw.


The design is the only small criticism I found of this product. I don’t think it necessarily looks childish. Personally, that wouldn’t bother me too much, as babies aren’t interested in looks anyway.

Furthermore, I have to note that the display doesn’t look as blue as on the packaging. The same applies to the color of the upper part of the projector. This is only to show that the parts can be illuminated.


Service / Support

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the manufacturer’s service because I haven’t used it yet. However, you can contact the manufacturer by phone, contact form, e-mail, fax, or Facebook.

Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the warranty period. The manual describes that you must contact the dealer directly and not the manufacturer in the event of a warranty claim. Also, when buying online, you usually have 14 days right of return as a private person.


Although the price is not the lowest of alls tar projectors, the price-performance ratio is nevertheless in a really good range. The main reasons for this are the great sound effects, the many color variations of the lighting, and the good quality of the projector. No other device could boast such a wealth of features. Only the shipping fees are a little bit high.



  • three-stage timer (15, 30 or 60 minutes)
  • Possibility to play your own music via MP3 player or mobile phone
  • temperature display
  • soothing projection with colour change function
  • simple, self-explanatory operability
  • many colour variations of the projection
  • pleasant falling asleep music & nature sounds
  • stepless volume control


  • no exact details about the guarantee length & handling exclusively by the seller
  • doesn’t really look “childish.”
  • only recommended for children 36 months and older


Conclusion – reer MyMagicStarlight

With the reer MyMagicStarlight, one of the best star projectors for babies, is offered for a really high price, which you can buy for such a price. Mainly the numerous functions from the timer over the temperature display up to the audio connection and the countless color variations of the lighting could convince me.

The only thing that really bothered me was that the device doesn’t look quite childish. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the projector is best suited for children and babies of all ages, even if the manufacturer only recommends it from 36 months. For this reason, he is also my personal test winner in this area.

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Customer FAQ for reer MyMagicStarlight


Can the timer be switched on, or can the light only shine for 60 minutes at a time?

The timer cannot be deactivated. Accordingly, the stars shine for a maximum of 60 minutes.


Is an automatic rotation of the stars possible?

There is no rotation using a motor. With the color change effect, however, the stars are always projected to a different location.


Which natural sounds are integrated into the device?

A total of five nature sounds are pre-installed: Heartbeat, waterfall, birdsong, river, and forest sounds.

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