Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Marcel, I am 23 years young and here on home-planetarium.com I report about everything that has to do with home planetariums, lighting and astronomy.


You probably want to know how I got into this topic, right?

Ever since I was a little child, I have loved observing the starry sky. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Especially the bad light conditions in the big city or clouds in the sky make the beauty of the stars disappear on many days.

For this reason I looked around some time ago for an alternative to the real starry sky and discovered home planetariums in the infinite vastness of the Internet.


Why do I run these page?

When I wanted to buy a home planetarium a few years ago, I didn’t find any page where the different devices were tested and compared. For this reason I had to spend hours comparing the technical details of the planetariums and reading countless customer reviews to find the right one for me.

In order to save everyone else from this intensive research, I created this page. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for people interested in home planetariums to buy them through reviews and product reviews.

Over time, I’ve expanded the website to include more obvious topics. In this way I would also like to help people who want to buy star projectors for babies or starry sky projectors and similar devices.

In the near future all possible topics around astronomy should be explained here on home-planetarium.com simple and understandable. Thus I would like to make complex topics, as for example star pictures or celestial bodies, accessible for a broad target group.

At the same time, the site offered me an opportunity to earn some pocket money – of course I don’t want to hide that from you.

You have surely already seen the links marked with two asterisks(*). If you buy something through these so-called “affiliate links”, then I receive a percentage commission. But don’t worry, you don’t have to pay more than usual.

From this income the technology is paid first. This includes, for example, the server. The money is also used to finance extensions and images for the website, for example to provide readers with great, informative graphics.

All that remains are my profits. But also despite the money I don’t let myself be influenced by any income possibilities when creating my test reports, but try to evaluate all products as objectively as possible.


Where does all my knowledge on this subject come from?

That always depends entirely on the type of knowledge. My knowledge about the tested products, which I report about here on this page, comes mainly from my own experiences. I buy the home planetariums, star projectors etc. myself and use them intensively before I write about them. In the near future, these tests will be documented with my own high-quality pictures. Beyond that I use information from customer evaluations, in order to be able to make additions, which I did not notice.

I have not tested some of the products on this website myself. In this case I am not talking about tests, but about reviews. They are also clearly marked as such. Reviews are also based on customer reviews and also contain information from third-party tests.

For all knowledge and advice articles on this page I refer the knowledge either from my own experiences or from articles on the Internet and YouTube videos. In my spare time I am regularly engaged in astronomy. In this way I could collect already much information to this topic.