Stellanova Illuminated Stars 5″ Globe Review


  • Brand: Stellanova
  • Dimensions: 5 inches x 7.28 inches (ball diameter x total height)
  • Weight: ca. 15.52 ounces
  • Color: Black, Gray
  • contains 88 constellations
  • 5.90 ft cable length
  • according to manufacturer suitable from 6 years
  • listed on Amazon since June 19th, 2008


Do you want to know everything about the Stellanova glow globe starry sky before you buy it? Then this review is just the thing for you. Here I inform you about the advantages and disadvantages as well as quality, functionality, and price-performance of the device. I also show you the scope of delivery and explain the commissioning.


Scope of delivery

In addition to the illuminated globe, the packaging only contains a separate 6V power supply unit with a 5.90 ft long cable. Thus the scope of delivery seems more than manageable. However, it is no longer necessary to use the globe. The operation is self-explanatory.



The commissioning of the Globus is just as simple as the scope of delivery appears. All you have to do is set it up, plug in the power supply, and connect it to the power.

However, it does not have an on/off switch. To switch off the illuminated globe, you must always pull the plug. This can cause the problem of not being able to see that the unit is switched on in daylight. In this way, the globe can become a real power guzzler.



With a cable length of about 5.90 ft, the stars can be projected on the ceiling and wall even if the outlet is not in the immediate vicinity. But if you turn on the device, it disappoints a little because the light source is not very strong. Therefore, I recommend that you put it into operation at a higher point, such as a cabinet or table.

Unfortunately, the sharpness cannot be adjusted either. On the positive side, 88 can recognize constellations on the surface of the globe without having to connect it to the power supply. It is also positive that the pictures were labeled both in English and Latin.

The star images themselves cannot be projected, but only the individual stars. By turning the illuminated globe, you can illuminate different places on the wall. It would have been desirable if the earth sphere could rotate automatically. Unfortunately, this function is not included.



Other plus points, the illuminated globe can also achieve stability and processing. Once placed, it is not so easy to knock over, sits firmly and does not fall apart even with frequent use.

Nevertheless, the entire construction consists of plastic, which is why it can break relatively easily when falling from cabinets. Buyers on Amazon also report insufficient processing. In some cases, for example, there is a slit between the two halves of the globe through which light passes.


Price Performance

For a really low price and entirely without shipping costs, you can get the Stellanova illuminated globe starry sky already at Amazon, which convinced me of its price-performance. I couldn’t find a similarly good model in this price range.



  • usable with and without power
  • contains whole 88 constellations
  • multi-purpose use
  • long power cable (1.80 meters)
  • comparatively favorable for its performance


  • could be larger
  • made only of plastic consisting
  • no way to focus the photograph
  • partially unclean Processing

Conclusion – Stellanova Illuminated Stars 5″ Globe

If you are looking for a real eye-catcher for your own home, with which you can project stars on the wall at the same time, this globe from Stellanova is the best choice for you. For a fair price, you get a product with relatively high quality, superb workmanship, and versatile usability. Thus this illuminated globe is suitable for personal use as well as for giving on birthdays etc.

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Customer FAQ for Stellanova Illuminated Stars 5″ Globe


Which light source is built into the globe?

The light in the Stellanova illuminated globe starry sky is generated by a small lamp. Unfortunately, I can’t say what kind of lamp it is. On some pages, it is stated that a small LED lamp was installed.

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