ANSMANN Night Light Elephant Review


  • Brand: ANSMANN
  • Size: 6,69 inch x 5.51 inch x 5.91 inch
  • Weight: approx. 14.82 ounces
  • Light source: LED lamps
  • Power consumption: 0.2 Watt (according to Amazon)
  • battery powered (3x AA)
  • suitable from 0 months (according to manufacturer)

Other variants

  • Mouse
  • Marybug
  • Turtle
  • Snail
  • Fox
  • Deer
  • Elephant
  • Rabbit



The ANSMANN starlight “Elephant” was specially designed for toddlers and babies. The device belongs to the category “star projectors for babies“. Whether the projector is really suitable for the smallest is explained in this review.

The most important criteria for the evaluation were functionality, quality, and safety as well as the price-performance ratio. The commissioning, scope of delivery, and service of the manufacturer were also considered.

The company ANSMANN has provided me with a test object for my assessment. However, this does not influence my objective assessment of the product.


Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the Ansmann Night Light Elephant appears to be very manageable. In addition to the device itself, the box contains only three AA-size batteries. However, more is not needed to use the star projector.

A manual or operating instructions were not included. The back of the packaging explains how to use starlight.



To put the star projector into operation, I had to insert the three AA batteries into a compartment on the bottom. For this I had to loosen a screw on the cover.

After I had inserted the batteries, I closed the compartment again and could use the projector. The commissioning, therefore, took just one minute.


The ANSMANN Starlight Elephant basically offers all functions to create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere, which brings toddlers of all ages to sleep.

On the head of the elephant is a surface with which you can start the lights simple by touch. If you press it once, the projector will light up orange. Another touch turns the light blue, while the third touch turns it green.

Another touch starts a toll color change effect that runs in the same order. After the fifth touch, the light stops shining again. The only thing that bothered me was that you can’t vary the sharpness of the lighting. Nevertheless, I could see the stars well in the dark.

There is a switch on the bottom of the unit. You can use it to set whether you want music to play during use. If this function is switched on, you can hear the sounds of “Good evening, good night” for about five minutes.

Unfortunately, the sound sounds very unclean, almost unpleasant, and could disturb children when they fall asleep. Also, you can’t change the volume, so the sounds might seem too loud.

Another great feature is the integrated timer. After 45 minutes the starlight of ANSMANN switches off automatically so that not too much power is consumed.


Quality and Safety

With the quality and safety of the ANSMANN starlight elephant, I myself can’t complain. In the Amazon customer reviews, some users report loose contacts in the lamp and low durability, if the device was operated by children. I can’t personally testify to that. In any case, such devices should not necessarily be operated by small children.

The star projector seems to me to be extremely robust, stable, and of high quality. Also, a high level of safety in dealing with children was ensured. This closes the battery compartment firmly with a screw. This way, children have no access to the batteries.

Furthermore, there are no small parts that can be swallowed or sharp edges on the elephant. The manufacturer also states on his website that the device has been security tested. Since an LED light was used, the material does not heat up. Thus no toxic vapours are produced due to heat.


The cute design corresponds one to one to the appearance of the elephant from a German children’s programme. The starlight, therefore, looks appealing for children and not as one of many similar-looking star projectors.

The elephant’s big saucer eyes were printed clean and look extremely high quality. There are also no colour differences between the different components of the device, which is very appealing.



Service / Support

The service provided by the manufacturer is first class. You can contact by Facebook, phone, and e-mail if you have any questions and/or problems with the product. In most cases, you will get exactly a suitable answer.

Furthermore, as a private buyer of an online order, you are not only entitled to the legally stipulated 14-day right of return. Furthermore, no matter where you buy the ANSMANN starlight, you get 3 years manufacturer warranty.

Price Performance

The quality is right, it contains all functions you really need for a star projector, but a very high price. For me, the price-performance ratio is okay. For the same money, you get several star projectors at once.



  • common, suitable for children appearance
  • automatic color change of the light between three colors possible
  • Integrated, separately activatable music function
  • three different light colors: Orange, Green, Blue
  • power-saving LED luminaires
  • few, self-explanatory buttons enable easy operation
  • appropriate price-performance ratio


  • very bad sound quality
  • sharpness of projection unfortunately not adjustable
  • fewer functions than the competition


Conclosure – ANSMANN Night Light Elephant

The ANSMANN starlight in elephant form deserves the third place in my “baby star projector test“. It knows how to score with a lot of positive aspects, is specially designed for toddlers and babies, and has great lighting effects.

Since the price is really high for such a night light, one is well advised to buy it when there is an offer.

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Customer FAQ for ANSMANN Night Light Elephant


How long does the unit play music?

The song “Good Evening, Good Night” is played for about 5 minutes.


Can the music be turned off regardless of the projection?

It is possible to switch the music on and off separately. For this purpose, a small switch is attached to the underside of the device. But you can’t play the music without the light effects.


Can you select the color of the starlight or does it change automatically?

It is possible either to let a certain color shine all the time or to use the color change function.

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