In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector Review


  • Brand: Uncle Milton
  • Size: 10 inches x 6.5 inches x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.28 pounds
  • Lighting: LED lamp that projects hundreds of stars and constellations
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries or AC adapter
  • Projection screen size: up to 8 ft at an optimal projection distance of 6.5 ft to 7.5 ft
  • Suitable for users ages 8 and up
  • Comes equipped with an audio CD
  • Portable for indoor and outdoor use



Nothing gets me more excited than the promise of planetary exploration. So, when I came across In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector, I knew that I had to test it out for myself.

If you want to bring the planetarium experience with you wherever you may be, then be sure to check out my review below. I touch on the basic functions of this device, as well as test out its quality to help you determine if it’s the right product for you.


Scope of delivery

In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector was well packed and was delivered with all parts intact. It came with an audio CD guide that walks users through this simulation of the vast night sky. A handheld “meteor maker” is also included, and it is exactly what it sounds like: to mimic meteor showers.

All you need is to add three AA batteries, and you can feel like a real astronomer–even from the comforts of your room. You can also choose to power it with the AC adapter that is provided in the box.



Getting started with In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector is easy.

You will be given two options to power your device: through three AA batteries or with the provided AC adapter. To put in the batteries, all you have to do is locate the battery compartment and insert your non-chargeable batteries inside. Once done, you can go ahead and plug the battery power cord into the power jack. Alternatively, you can also plug the AC adapter into the power jack on one end and into an electrical outlet for the other end.

Once you have set the projector on top of a stable surface, press the open button to insert an image disc inside your In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector. Press the “On/Off” button, turn off the lights, and enjoy the show. You can also choose to play the provided planetarium background music if you wish.



In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector is equipped with a plethora of functions for budding astronomers. It displays hundreds of constellations and stars at a time. You can even set the device to a particular season, month, day – even to the last hour – so you can recreate specific skyscapes.

The recommended projection distance between the device and the wall is 6.5 to 7.5 ft. I opted for the 6.5 ft distance to get a closer look at each of the figures. You may, of course, adjust the distance as you prefer.

To put in or change the image disc, don’t forget to turn off your projector first. The On/Off button (out of the four buttons in your device) is located in the left-most portion. Once the LED indicator is turned off, you may safely remove the current disc from the disc tray. You should be able to do this by clicking on the Open button at the right-most part. To close the disc tray back up, all you need to do is to manually press it back into place until you hear it click.

Adjusting the angle of your projection can be done by rotating the projection sphere near the base of the device. Through a series of trial and error around the house, I found that the best visuals are showed when the projection bounces from a flat, white, and smooth surface of my wall. The projected images are most vivid if the room is pitch black too.

If, like me, you have a hard time seeing particular figures in the projector at first, the device has a dial that can help you focus on the images. Said dial is found at the topmost part surrounding the lens. Rotate it slowly until you are satisfied with the vista.

In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector also comes equipped with a press timer button that you can set for 30 or 60 minutes. To put it at 30 minutes, simply click on the Timer button once. If you want an hour-long display, hit the button twice.

To set off the auto-rotate function of the device, click on the button to the left of the Timer button. This will cause the projected image to rotate – completing its revolution at every 10 minutes. Click on the same button again to stop the rotation.




I received the device in good condition and on time. The packaging and handling of the product left little to no room for the possibility of a defective device. The In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector itself is made out of durable and high-grade plastic. All the parts that I needed and were specified were delivered to me.

It does burn through AA batteries fast, but I like how there is an option for me to use an AC adapter too.


Service / Support

Warranty information can be further discussed via email or phone with the manufacturer. You may also contact them through their social media pages.

I have yet to get in touch with the support team, seeing as all parts of my order has been completed and are in full working condition.


Price Performance

At a reasonable price point, you can have your own planetarium experience anywhere you may be. With this said, I’m marking this device with a good price-performance ratio.



  • displays hundreds of constellations and stars
  • adjustable view based on the season, month, day, and hour
  • complete with a downloadable audio tour
  • comes with a meteor maker, best for meteor reenactment
  • made of durable materials
  • can be battery-operated or plugged in an AC adapter
  • fair price


  • you cannot use rechargeable batteries
  •  needs to be propped in a stable surface for optimum view
  •  outdoor use possible, but does not show the most vivid figures
  •  walkthrough audio not necessary
  • shipping costs a bit expensive
  • product warranty not readily disclosed


Conclosure – In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector

The In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector takes the top shelf as one of my most exciting product reviews so far. It makes sky exploration more accessible to me. With a smooth surface and the right blackout curtains, I can summon the panoramic night sky even on a clear day.

I highly recommend this to all astronomy enthusiasts out there. It’s priced moderately, well-designed, and robust. I’ve been using this for a few months now, and I have yet to tire of it.

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