YSD Night Lighting Lamp Review


  • Brand: YSD
  • Size: 6.2 inch x 6 inch x 5.2 inch
  • Weight: round 17 ounces
  • Colour variants: green, pink, black, white
  • Light source: four LED lights
  • Integrated 1200 mAh battery
  • inclusive remote control



The brand YSD is rather unknown. And also the packaging of the starry sky projector looks rather cheap with the inscription “Made in China”. In this review, I explain how the device made it to the fourth place in my star projector adults best list. For the evaluation, I examined the product itself very carefully.



Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the device includes the star projector, a USB cable for the power supply, a small remote control, and a quite detailed user manual. Two AAA batteries are required for the remote control. These are unfortunately not included.

Also no power supply is included. This must be acquired additionally. This means that the USB cable can only be connected to a power bank, laptop or the like.



To put the YSD starry sky projector into operation, you must first remove the cover from the top . You also need to connect the device to a power source via a USB cable in order to use it.

If you also want to use the remote control supplied, simply insert two AAA batteries into the compartment on the bottom.

When the battery in the star projector is charged, there is no need to connect it to an external power source. According to the manufacturer, you need to charge the battery for about 5-6 hours  to use the projector 13-14 hours. These values also coincide with my experience.



The projector has many different functions. At the first glance, you can see five different buttons.

The device can be switched on and off via the first button on the left. The second one can be used to set a timer. This can be used to define the time after which the YSD starry sky projector  should automatically switch off. The timer can be set to 5 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, or 5 hours.

With the third button, you can activate/deactivate the warm light. This is a white-yellow lamp that projects the stars.

Besides the warm light, there is also a blue, a green, and a red LED. These can be controlled with the fourth button. In addition to the simple illumination with one LED, several luminaires can also be activated simultaneously. The combination of red and blue, for example, results in a purple glow.

Besides a colour changer effect is possible, which reminds a bit of a disco ball. If you do not activate this effect, the lighting will either be very calming or can create an erotic mood, depending on the color. The only thing that bothered me was that you can’t focus on the projection.

The last button is responsible for the rotation of the projection. You can use it to turn the stars on the ceiling.

If you do not want to adjust the star projector directly on the device, you can also use the included remote control. With it, you can set the same settings as with the buttons directly on the projector.



Although the starry sky projector is “Made in China”, the quality is quite respectable. The processing works clean and the material makes a stable impression. Unfortunately the device is completely made of plastic. That seemed a little cheap to me.

The remote control is very light. In my opinion, she also looks somewhat cheap. This is also because it is completely made of plastic. But it was surprisingly well processed. Besides, the upper side has a metal optic, which looks quite valuable.


Service / Warranty

The star projector will be sold exclusively through Amazon by Global Path EU at the time of testing. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not indicated any contact options. But you can write to him about Amazon and in my experience receive an answer. Also, the legally stipulated 14-day right of return exists any way for online purchases as a private individual. Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the warranty.

Price Performance

The YSD starry sky projector costs at the time of the review around 30$ on Amazon (14th August 2019). This is an average price for such a device. But since the projector has a lot of features and a good quality, I would also rate the price-performance ratio “Good”.



  • cleaner processing of the material
  • modern design, many color variations
  • eifnache Operation
  • inclusive remote control
  • long Battery life of the integrated battery
  • good value for money
  • bright, power-saving LEDs used
  • many different colors of the projection
  • different current sources usable
  • Rotation possible
  • usable in many ways


  • Projection cannot be focused
  • none Guarantee information
  • completely made of plastic


Conclosure – YSD starry sky projector

At first glance, the YSD starry sky projector looks like a typical China product. As the price of the device already suggests, this is a really great projector. The device can score with its variety of functions, good product quality, and an integrated battery.

This makes the star projector extremely versatile. For example, it can be used as a sleeping light or to create a romantic atmosphere. For this reason, he is also the fourth place in the best list.

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Customer FAQ about YSD Starry Sky Projector


Can the device play music?

The YSD starry sky projector unfortunately has no function to play music or other noises.


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