Original Star Master Star Sky Projector Review


  • Brand: Star Master
  • Size: round 4.33 inches x 4.33 inches x 4.53 inches
  • Weight: circa 11.6 ounces
  • Color: black
  • Power source: 4.5-volt power supply or three batteries (AA)
  • bright light through LED luminaires



A bit beaten to the last place in my star projector test landed the Star Master Star Sky Projector. In this test report, you will find out why he was not able to assert himself against the competition, what his advantages/disadvantages are, and what it looks like with the price-performance ratio. For this, I have taken a close look at the device.



Scope of delivery

The Star Master is delivered in a very small box. Correspondingly clear also the scope of delivery fails. Next to the starry sky projector, there is nothing else in the packaging. No instructions were enclosed, no service information, and also not the required AA batteries.




To use the device, you only need to insert three AA batteries. The compartment for this is located on the underside and is only secured with a plastic clip. After inserting the batteries, I could use the Star Master directly. However, I had problems closing the battery compartment because the clip did not hold properly.

As an alternative to the batteries, you can also connect a 4.5-volt power supply unit to the rear. But you also have to buy it separately.



This model does not have many special features to offer: There are only two buttons attached to the unit to activate or deactivate the various functions. On the one hand, a white LED can be switched on, which lights up permanently.

On the other hand, the Star Master has colored LEDs (green, blue, red). These light up alternately. The change between the colors takes place, however, very fast. This function affected me, not relaxing.

Both functions can also be activated simultaneously. Compared to other starry sky projectors, these are few features. So there is no timer, and rotation is not possible.

On the projector, there is an imprint with the months from January to December. Here the sense does not open up to me because random stars are projected and no realistic starry sky.



Even if the functionality still lies within the acceptable range, the quality is the biggest point of criticism. The material looks simply very cheap and was already with many Amazon buyers very quickly broken .

Also, with the projector I tested, the lid has already sheared off before removing it from the package. I also noticed a strong plastic smell. The plastic looks very thin and not very valuable. The edges on the device were partially processed unclean.

Also, the battery compartment cover did not hold directly. After all, LED lights are used. On the one hand, these are energy-saving, and on the other hand, they emit a bright light.


Service / Warranty

The Star Master is unfortunately a typical China product, which is distributed by different companies with different names. You can contact them via Amazon. There you will also find a telephone number, an e-mail address, and the fax number. I can’t tell you how good the service is.

With an on-line purchase, one always receives a legally stipulated right of return of 14 days. This also applies to this star projector. I couldn’t find anything on a warranty. I think that there is no guarantee offered for such a cheap product.

Price Performance

After all, the price could still give this star projector some plus points. Because of its price, you will hardly get another projector. Finally, you have to consider that the seller also wants to earn something from this product and has to pay taxes, production, etc. Therefore, the price-performance ratio is at least “Good”.



  • simple, but stylish design
  • creates great atmosphere
  • takes up little space
  • really very low price


  • cheap processing
  • Material does not look very high
  • need to be placed close to ceiling
  • users often report defects
  • lid is loose / almost not fixed
  • fewer functions


Conclosure – Star Master Star Sky Projector

That the “Star Master” is a cheap China import, actually everyone recognizes at first sight. With the price of just a few bucks in combination with the right of return at Amazon, you can’t do anything wrong, in my opinion. Nevertheless, this projector is worth a test, and I can recommend a purchase to you if you don’t have too high expectations.

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Customer FAQ for Star Master Star Sky Projector


Is the automatic movement of the projected stars possible?

The projection does not move by itself. An automatic color change, on the other hand, takes place.

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