Chicco Baby Night Light Projector


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Brand Chicco
Product Type Star Projectors for Babies


  • Brand: Chicco
  • Size: 10.87 inches x 7.6 inches x 8.35 inches
  • Weight: approx. 34.9 ounces
  • Colours: light blue and yellow (also available in pink)
  • Age: from 0 months (according to manufacturer)
  • operated by 3 AA batteries
  • function for playing music and nature sounds
  • including small plush figure



Due to its coloured design and the small plush figure the Chicco Baby Night Light Projector at Amazon and Co. catches the eye. At first glance it looks like it has been perfectly made for children.

If he really is this and why he could take the second place in my “baby star projector test“, I explain to you in this test report. I have taken a close look at the device.



Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes the star projector, a small cloth doll and a short manual. The doll is connected to the projector by Velcro and can be removed.

Everything was fastened with rubber bands and threads safe in the carton. That’s why it took me a few minutes to unpack the device.

Unfortunately the required AA batteries (three pieces) are not included. If you want to use the Chicco starry sky projector directly, you have to make sure that it is ready at home.



After I finally loosened the threads and removed the device from its packaging, I was able to put it into operation. For this I needed a small cross screwdriver.

To use the star projector, three AA batteries must be inserted into a compartment on the bottom. This is secured with a small screw, which has to be loosened first. After insertion, the compartment must be closed again and the projector can be used.



The Chicco Baby Night Light Projector offers really great features.

On the one hand it has two light effects. With a switch on the back I could switch between “off”, a mood light and a star projection. If you use the star projection, the mood light is also active automatically.

The light is switched on and off by large button on the front with moon shape. For the tones there is a button with a note on it. Both the projection and the starlight cover a wide colour spectrum from dark blue, light blue and turquoise to light green, purple and pink.

The sound can be classical music by Bach as well as Rossini and natural sounds with a playback time of 6 minutes. All tones have a very pleasant sound. Unfortunately, you can’t play your own music.

I couldn’t hear any interfering noises. When I used the Chicco Baby Night Light Projector in the test, the sounds even made me a little tired myself.

However, the sound function is not 100% suitable for falling asleep , because the playable noises are too loud and the volume cannot be adjusted.


Quality and Safety

The quality of this star projector makes at first sight a thoroughly solid impression . This has also been confirmed on closer inspection: Everything was cleanly processed and I couldn’t find any sharp edges or loose parts.

Furthermore, many buyers on Amazon report that their projector was very long-lived. The smooth doll is very easy to clean and can also be cleaned in a washing machine, so that sufficient hygiene can be ensured.

Safety requirements are met, for example, by closing the battery compartment securely with a screw. In addition, as noted above, there are no small loose parts that can be swallowed.

With regard to the quality, there are only minor defects, because the projection is a little blurred and the music could be quieter.



I particularly like the look of the starry sky projector. The round device was kept in soft colours and is particularly suitable for children due to the design of the buttons. On the upper side you can see very well the stars.

Also the rag doll looks really cute. It was kept in the same colors as the projector. In addition, on the front is embroidered the name of the company Chicco.


Service / Support

A small note with the manufacturer’s contact details was enclosed with the product. It contains the phone number and the fax number. In addition there is a service hotline with costs available. However, I have had no experience with the service.

Furthermore the legally regulated 14 days are valid, in which one possesses a return right with an on-line purchase as a private person. Unfortunately I could not find any information about the manufacturer’s warranty.

Price Performance

Due to the common figure in the scope of supply as well as the appealing functionality also the acquisition costs are fair on the online shop Amazon .

In this price range there are only a few other star projectors with a similar quality and such a range of functions. I would therefore rate the price-performance ratio as “very good”.



  • sweet plush figure included with the device
  • color selection at purchase possible
  • switches off after 10 minutes automatically
  • many colour variants of light
  • also can be used for mood lighting
  • battery compartment securely closed with one screw
  • relaxing, classical music and nature sounds


  • played music/sounds not necessarily suitable for sleep suitable because of volume
  • stars shown not really sharp
  • no information about warranty


Conclosure – Chicco Baby Night Light Projector

The Chicco Baby Night Light Projector “only” is in 6th place of my best list. This is mainly due to the fact that the projections are blurred in some places, contain no warranty information and also the integrated sound effects are a bit too loud.

In end effect this star projector is still worth a purchase, because it also has many positive features. For example, a cute plush figure is enclosed and especially the falling asleep noises are in comparison to the competition of high quality. In addition, the device is suitable for children from 0 months, can be used as mood light and has a cute design.

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Customer FAQ for Chicco Baby Night Light Projector


Can the starry sky be switched on or off separately from the music?

Yes, you can also just turn on the starry sky projection without music playing. You can also turn on the music without the light running.


Must the entire room be dark during use?

In order to see all the stars in full brightness, there should be complete darkness in the room.


Is it possible to vary the volume of the music??

Unfortunately the volume of the Chicco starry sky projector cannot be changed.


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